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A1. Amplification is the control of an output signal by an input signal so that the output signal has some (or all) of the characteristics of the input signal. The output signal is generally larger than the input signal in terms of voltage, current, or power.
A2. No, the input signal is unchanged, the output signal is controlled by the input signal but does not effect the actual input signal.
A3. To amplify the input signal to a usable level.
A4. By function and Frequency response.
A5. An audio power amplifier.
A6. An rf voltage amplifier.
A7. The amount of time (in relation to the input signal) in which current flows in the output circuit.
A8. A, AB, B, C.
A9. Class B operation.
A10. The amplifier operates (and therefore uses power) for less time in class C than in class A.
A11. Class A operation.
A12. To transfer energy (a signal) from one stage to another.
A13. Direct, RC, impedance, and transformer coupling.
A14. RC coupling.
A15. Transformer coupling.
A16. RC coupling.
A17. Impedance coupling.
A18. Equal impedance.

A19. Lower than.
A20. Common emitter-medium input, medium output; common base-low input, high output; common collector-high input, low output.
A21. Common collector.
A22. Transformer coupling.
A23. The process of coupling a portion of the output of a circuit back to the circuit input.
A24. Positive and negative or regenerative and degenerative.
A25. Positive (regenerative) feedback.
A26. Negative (degenerative) feedback.
A27. Negative (degenerative) feedback.
A28. Negative (degenerative) feedback.
A29. A device that provides two output signals that differ in phase from a single input signal.
A30. A phase splitter is used to provide the input signals to a push-pull amplifier.
A31. A push-pull amplifier is used when high power output and good fidelity are needed.
A32. A push-pull amplifier provides more gain than a single transistor amplifier.
A33. Class A, Class AB or Class B operation.

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