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Repair Manuals, Training Courses, Army Training, Automotive Training, Army Aviation, Construction Manuals, Diving Instruction, Drafting,
Instruction Manuals, Electronics, Electrician Training, Engineering, Meteorology, Military Training, Photography Manuals

Topics / Sub Categories

Administration - Military personnel skills, procedures, duties, etc.

Advancement - Military career advancement books, etc.

Aerographer/Meteorology - Meteorology fundamentals, atmosphere physics, atmospheric phenomena, etc.
Navy Aerographer and Meteorology Manuals

Automotive/Mechanics - Automotive maintenance manuals, diesel and gasoline engine mechanics, automotive parts manuals, diesel engine parts manuals, gasoline engine parts manuals, etc.
Automotive Accessories | Carrier, Personnel | Diesel Power Generators | Engine Mechanics | Filters | Firetrucks and Equipment | Fuel Pumps and Storage | Gas Turbine Generators | Generators | Heaters | HMMWV (Hummer/Humvee) | etc...

Aviation - Principles of flight, aircraft construction, aircraft hardware, aircraft power plants, aviation parts manuals, airplane parts manuals, etc.
Navy Aviation Manuals | Aviation Accessories | Aviation General Maintenance | AH-Apache Helicopter Manuals | CH-Series Helicopter Manuals | Chinook Helicopter Manuals | etc...

Combat - Service rifle, pistol marksmanship, combat maneuvers, organic support weapons, etc.
Chemical-Biological, Masks, and Equipment | Clothing and Individual Equipment | Combat Engineer Vehicle | etc...

Construction - Technical administration, planning, estimating, scheduling, project planning, concrete, masonry, heavy construction, etc.
Navy Construction Manuals | Agregate | Asphalt | Bituminous Distributor Body | Bridges | Bucket, Clamshell | Bulldozers | Compressors | Container Handler | Crusher | Dump Trucks | Earth Movers | Excavators | etc...

Diving - Diving and salvage manuals for miscellaneous equipment.

Draftsman - Fundamentals, techniques, drafting projections, sketches, etc.

Electronics - Electronics maintenance manuals for Basic repair and fundamentals. Computer parts manuals, electronic component parts manuals, electrical parts manuals, etc.
Air Conditioning | Amplifiers | Antennas and Masts | Audio | Batteries | Computer Equipment | Electrical Engineering (NEETS) (Most Popular) | Electronics Technician | Electrical Equipment | Electronic General Test Equipment | Electronic Meters | etc...

Engineering - Drafting fundamentals and techniques, drafting projections and sketches, wood and light-frame construction, etc.
Navy Engineering | Army Costal Inlets Research Program | etc...

Food and Cooking - Manuals for recipes and food preparation equipment.

Logistics - Logistics Data for millions of different parts.

Mathematics - Arithmetic, elementary algebra, pre-calculus, introduction to probability, etc.

Medical Books - Anatomy, physiology, patient care, first aid equipment, pharmacy, toxicology, etc.
Navy Medical Manuals | Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

MIL-SPECs - Government MIL-Specs and other related material

Music - Major and minor scale activities, diatonic and non-diatonic melodies, time beating patterns, etc.

Nuclear Fundamentals - Nuclear energy theories, chemistry, physics, etc.
DOE Handbooks

Photography & Journalism - Theory of light, optical principles, light sensitive materials, photographic filters, copy editing, writing for publications, etc.
Navy Photography & Journalism Manuals | Army Photography Printing and Journalism Manuals

Religion - Major religions of the world, worship support functions, chapel weddings, etc.

Technology News
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Weighing gas with sound and microwaves
NIST scientists have developed a novel method to rapidly and...
Did the US Kill OPEC?
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Secure monitoring subsystem proves effective in thwarting cyber attacks on drones
Engineering researchers from the University of Virginia and the Georgia...
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Government Mandates Keep Electric Auto Manufacturers in Business
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Undersea pipes "shoulder" anchoring duties
Research off the north-west coast shows undersea pipelines tend to...
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Impact of Falling Oil Prices on LNG
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Five ways unmanned drones could affect the American food supply
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Navy wants to increase use of sonar-emitting buoys
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America Installed 22 Times More Solar in 2014 Than in 2008
Since the 2008 mortgage crisis and Great Recession, two industries...
New Jersey Should Leverage Private Capital to Achieve Resilient Energy Goals
Since Hurricane Sandy exposed the vulnerability of New Jersey’s antiquated...
NERC Assessment Examines Winter Power System Reliability, Fuel Diversity
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC) recently released 2014-15...
Report: Solar Added 50% More American Jobs than Oil and Gas Drilling and Pipeline Construction in 2014
There's thrilling news out about job growth in the U.S....
10 Eye-Opening IC Insights
The semiconductor industry will step ahead at a decent 7%...
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