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A1. Horizontal plane.
A2. Range.
A3. Approximately the speed of light (162,000 nautical miles per second).
A4. 12.36 microseconds.
A5. Pulse width.
A6. Frequency.

A8. Average power.
A9. Duty cycle.
A10. Relative bearing.
A11. Three-dimensional.
A12. Frequency or phase.
A13. Target resolution.
A14. Beam width and range.
A15. Speed increases.
A16. Temperature inversion.
A17. Synchronizer.
A18. High-voltage pulse from the modulator.
A19. Duplexer.
A20. Single lobe.
A21. The reflected signals decrease in strength.
A22. Mechanical and electronic.
A23. Nutation.

A24. Frequency.
A25. Velocity.
A26. Fast-moving targets.
A27. Range.
A28. Travel time.
A29. Stationary.
A30. Pulse modulation.
A31. Pulse-Doppler.
A32. Track radar.
A33. Frequency modulated (fm).
A34. 360 degrees.
A35. Radar horizon.
A36. Wide vertically, narrow horizontally.
A37. 2D and 3D.
A38. Range and bearing.
A39. Increased maximum range.
A40. Higher operating frequency.
A41. A narrow circular beam.
A42. Acquisition.
A43. Very narrow.
A44. Capture beam.

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