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The hydraulic brake system used in the automobile is a multiple piston system. A multiple piston system allows forces to be transmitted to two or more pistons in the manner indicated in figure 2-21. Note that the pressure set up by the force applied to the input piston (1) is transmitted undiminished to both output pistons (2 and 3), and that the resultant force on each piston is proportional to its area. The multiplication of forces from the input piston to each output piston is the same as that explained earlier.

The hydraulic brake system from the master cylinders to the wheel cylinders on most automobiles operates in a way similar to the system illustrated in figure 2-22.

Figure 2-21.Multiple piston system.

When the brake pedal is depressed, the pressure on the brake pedal moves the piston within the master cylinder, forcing the brake fluid from the master cylinder through the tubing and flexible hose to the wheel cylinders. The wheel cylinders contain two opposed output pistons, each of which is attached to a brake shoe fitted inside the brake drum. Each output piston pushes the attached brake shoe against the wall of the brake drum, thus retarding the rotation of the wheel. When pressure on the pedal is released, the springs on the brake shoes return the wheel cylinder pistons to their released positions. This action forces the displaced brake fluid back through the flexible hose and tubing to the master cylinder.

The force applied to the brake pedal produces a proportional force on each of the output pistons, which in turn apply the brake shoes frictionally to the turning wheels to retard rotation.

As previously mentioned, the hydraulic brake system on most automobiles operates in a similar way, as shown in figure 2-22. It is beyond the scope of this manual to discuss the various brake systems.

Figure 2-22.An automobile brake system

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