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Inclined single-stroke Gothic lettering is also acceptable on SEABEE drawings, although it is not recommended for the beginner and should not be attempted until you have mastered vertical lettering techniques. Inclined and vertical lettering should never appear on the same drawing. The lettering style used must always be consistent. Figures 3-52 and 3-53 show the required formation of inclined letters. The angle of

Figure 3-52.-Inclined single-stroke Gothic.

Figure 5-53.-inclined letter formation.

Figure 3-54.-Letterspacing.

inclination is 67 1/2 degrees from the horizontal. Inclined guidelines may be drawn with the lettering triangle as described, or a line at the proper angle may be laid off with the protractor and parallel lines constructed from it. Horizontal guidelines and sequence of strokes are the same as for vertical letters. Rules of stability, proportion, and balance are similar. The circles and circular arcs used in vertical letters become elliptical in inclined letters, their major axes making angles of 45 degrees with the horizontal. Letters such as A, M, V, and Y should be made symmetrically about a guideline. Inclined lower-case letters follow the same principles as inclined capitals.


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