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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Melody Writing


Chapter 3 - Vertical Structures

Low Interval Limits
Objectionable Motion

Chapter 5 - Root Position Primary Triads

Analysis and figured bass
Chord Succession

Chapter 6 - Inversions of Primary Triads

Chord succession
Types of Second Inversions

Chapter 7 - Dominant Seventh Chord

Figured bass and doubling

Chapter 8 - Non-Harmonic Tones

Chromatic Passing Tone
Chromatically Altered Passing Tone
Lower Auxiliary
Simultaneous Non-Harmonic Tones
Chordal Sevenths

Chapter 9 - Secondary Triads

Leading tone triad
Submediant Triad
Mediant Triad

Chapter 1O - Diatonic Sevenths

Supertonic Seventh
Subdominant Seventh
Submediant Seventh
Tonic Seventh

Chapter 11 - Extensions on Diatonic Chords

Minor Ninth

Chapter 12 - Simple Modulation

Establishing Keys

Chapter 13 - Secondary Chords

Secondary Leading Tone chords

Chapter 14 - Borrowed Chords

Chapter 15 - Chromatic Alterations

Raised Root

Chapter 17 - Neapolitan Sixth Chord

Chapter 18 - Advanced Modulation

Figured Bass


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