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A1. The transfer of energy from one circuit to another circuit by electromagnetic induction.
A2. Primary winding; secondary winding; core.
A3. Air; soft iron; steel.
A4. Hollow-core type; shell-core type.
A5. Primary to source; secondary to load.
A6. Additional insulation is provided between the layers of windings in the high-voltage transformer.
A7. air-core transformer
    iron-core transformer
    iron-core center tapped transformer
A8. A voltage is applied to the primary, but no load is connected to the secondary.
A9. Exciting current is the current that flows in the primary of a transformer with the secondary open (no load attached).
A10. Self-induced or counter emf.
A11. The magnetic lines generated by the current in the primary cut the secondary windings and induce a voltage into them.
A12. In phase. Remember, the cemf of the primary is 180 degrees out of phase with the applied voltage. The induced voltage of the secondary of an unlike-wound transformer is also 180 degrees out of phase with the primary voltage.
A13. 32NE0206.GIF (1768 bytes) Note: Remember the dots indicate areas of like polarity, NOT a particular polarity.

A14. Lines of flux generated by one winding which do not link the other winding.
A15. It causes K to be less than unity (1).
A16. Step up.
A17. 0298.GIF (901 bytes)
A18. 0299.GIF (797 bytes)
A19. 0300.GIF (941 bytes)
A20. 0310.GIF (1072 bytes)
A21. 0311.GIF (734 bytes)
A22. 0312.GIF (186 bytes)
A23. Copper loss, eddy-current loss, and hysteresis loss.
A24. 0315.GIF (788 bytes)
A25. The inductive reactance at 60 hertz would be too low. The resulting excessive current would probably damage the transformer.
A26. Power transformer Autotransformer Impedance-matching transformer Audio-frequency transformer Radio-frequency transformer
A27. Primary leads-black; secondary leads-red.
A28. Carelessness.
A29. Discharge them by shorting them to ground.
A30. To minimize the possibility of providing a path for current through your body.

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