transformer windings are wrapped around both sides of the core. ">

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Hollow-Core Transformers

There are two main shapes of cores used in laminated-steel-core transformers. One is the HOLLOW-CORE, so named because the core is shaped with a hollow square through the center. Figure 5-2illustrates this shape of core. Notice that the core is made up of many laminations of steel. Figure 5-3 illustrates how the transformer windings are wrapped around both sides of the core.

Figure 5-3. - Windings wrapped around laminations.

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Shell-Core Transformers

The most popular and efficient transformer core is the SHELL CORE, as illustrated in figure 5-4. As shown, each layer of the core consists of E- and I-shaped sections of metal. These sections are butted together to form the laminations. The laminations are insulated from each other and then pressed together to form the core.

Figure 5-4. - Shell-type core construction.

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Q.4 What are the two main types of cores used in transformers?

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