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The tonic seventh is a Maj7 in major keys and a min7 in minor keys. A min\ Maj7 (leading tone) in minor is never used. The tonic seventh rarely follows a dominant function chord. It usually follows an established tonic triad or occurs as a neutral I (i). In major, it occurs in root position or first inversion. In minor, it occurs in all positions. When required, an irregular resolution will be used. This will cause the subtonic in minor to ascend.

FIGURE 10.10. The Tonic Seventh
The subtonic seventh is a dom7 chord. It occurs in root position, first or third inversion. It must progress to the III chord.

FIGURE 10.11. The Subtonic Seventh
When the seventh of a diatonic seventh chord resolves regularly with the remainder of the chord sustaining, a new diatonic seventh chord is created, forming a SEQUENCE.

FIGURE 10.12. The Diatonic Seventh Sequence


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