Quantcast 40-MM M79 Grenade Launcher

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The M79 grenade launcher (fig. 3-90) is a break-open, single-shot weapon. It is breech loaded and chambered for a 40-mm metallic cartridge case with an internal primer. Cartridges used with the M79 grenade launcher are shown in figure 3-91.

Controls of the M79 Grenade Launcher

The safety (fig. 3-92) is in the SAFE position when pulled all the way back and in the FIRING position when pushed all the way forward

The barrel locking latch (fig. 3-92), when pushed all the way to the right, permits the breech end of the barrel to be swung up into the OPEN position. The grenade launcher cocks as it opens.

The trigger guard (fig. 3-92) is shown in lowered position. It can be released for setting to one side or the other by pushing back the cylindrical housing at the front. This makes it possible for a person wearing heavy gloves or mittens to fire the grenade launcher. The

Figure 3-93.-Rear sight assembly.

Figure 3-94.-Loading the M79 grenade launcher.

sighting equipment for the launcher is shown in figure 3-93.

Operating the M79 Grenade Launcher

The following procedures should be followed when loading and firing the M79 grenade launcher.

PREPARATION FOR FIRING.- Check the bore to be sure it is free of foreign matter or obstructions. Check all ammunition to be sure the proper type and grade are being used. Check the launcher to be sure it is properly cleaned. Inspect it for malfunction and other defects.

LOADING.- Point the muzzle of the launcher at the ground and clear the area of all personnel.

Move the barrel locking latch all the way to the right and break open the breech. If the safety is not already on SAFE, this procedure will cause it to move to SAFE, provided that the barrel locking latch is moved to its full limit of travel.

Insert the projectile portion of the ammunition into the chamber opening (fig. 3-94) and push the complete round forward into the chamber until the extractor contacts the rim of the cartridge case. Close the breech.

FIRING.- When the launcher is fired, you must be in either a standing or prone position. In the standing position, the butt is placed against the shoulder. In the prone position, the butt is placed against the ground. (See figs. 3-95 and 3-96.)

Figure 3-95.-Firing the M79 from the standing position.

Figure 3-96.-Firing the M79 from the prone position.

A detailed discussion of sight setting is beyond the scope of this course. However, to engage targets at ranges from 50 to 80 meters (165 to 265 feet), you should place the rear sight frame assembly in the lowered (called the "battle sight") position (fig. 3-93). Longer ranges are fired with the rear sight frame in the upright position (fig. 3-93) and the sight aperture bar set at the approximate target range of the scale. TM 9-1010-205-10 provides detailed instruction on the use of the sights of the launcher.

When firing grenades at targets within battle sight ranges (50 to 80 meters or 165 to 265 feet), the operator must be in a protected position. Targets that are within 80 meters (265 feet) of friendly troops must not be fired upon.


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