Quantcast Field Stripping the M79 Grenade Launcher

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Field Stripping the M79 Grenade Launcher

Field stripping the M79 grenade launcher consists of separating the fore-end assembly from the barrel and receiver group and separating the stock from the receiver group.

To remove the fore-end assembly, first use the wrench assembly shown in figure 3-97 to remove the

Figure 3-97.-Removing the fore-end assembly retainer screw.

Figure 3-98.-Removing the fore-end assembly.

Figure 3-99.-Removing the barrel group.

machine screw shown in the same figure. Then pull the front end of the fore-end assembly away from the barrel, as shown in figure 3-98, until the lug on the rear sight base is clear of the hole in the upper surface of the fore-end bracket. Keeping the lug clear of the hole, pull

Figure 3-100.-Removing receiver group attaching screw.

forward on the fore-end assembly until it is free of the receiver assembly.

Tb remove the barrel group from the receiver group, first actuate the barrel locking latch and open the breech. Then, holding the stock and receiver stationary, move the barrel rearward in the receiver until it is disengaged from the fulcrum pin, as shown in figure 3-99. Separate the barrel from the receiver group.

To separate the stock from the receiver group, use a combination wrench assembly, as shown in figure 3-100, and remove the pin-headed machine screw that secures the stock to the receiver group.

For further information on the M79 grenade launcher, refer to U.S. Army TM 9-1010-205-24 and TM 9-1010-205-10.


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