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REMOVING THE BARREL ASSEMBLY.-The barrel assembly consists of the barrel, the flash suppressor, the front sight biped assembly, and the gas cylinder. To remove the assembly, raise the barrel lock lever to the vertical position and remove the barrel assembly by pulling it to the front, as shown in figure 3-83.

General disassembly to this point leaves the receiver group, the cover assembly and the cartridge tray assembly groups, and forearm intact, and is sufficient for general maintenance and cleaning of the M60 machine gun.


The assembly procedures for the M60 machine gun are basically the reverse of the steps taken during disassembly. Starting with the receiver, each group and assembly are attached in the following manner:

1. Make sure the barrel lock lever is in the vertical position, as shown in figure 3-83. Insert the rear of the barrel under the barrel cover and align the gas cylinder nut with its recess in the forearm assembly. Lower the barrel lock lever.

2. Engage the holding notch of the trigger housing in its recess in the bottom of the receiver (fig. 3-82, view B). Rotate the front of the trigger housing up and align the holes of the trigger housing with the mounting bracket on the receiver. Insert the trigger housing pin from the left. Engage the rear of the leaf spring with the sear pin (fig. 3-82, view A). Make sure the leaf spring is positioned so that the bent portion is pressed against the side of the trigger housing. Rotate the front of the leaf spring up and engage it with the trigger housing pin.

3. Insert the end of the operating rod into the receiver. Hold the rod with one hand. With the other hand, push forward on the rear of the bolt, causing the

Figure 3-83.-Removing the barrel assembly.

bolt to rotate until the locking lugs are in the vertical position. With the cam roller up, push the operating rod and bolt into the receiver until the end of the operating rod is even with the rear of the receiver. Insert the drive spring guide into the drive spring; then insert the opposite end of the drive spring in the recess of the operating rod, as shown in figure 3-84. Pull the trigger and push in the drive spring until the head of the guide is approximately an inch from the receiver (fig. 3-80).

4. Insert the buffer plunger into the drive spring guide, as shown in figure 3-80. Push forward on the buffer until the operating rod and bolt go fully forward. Push in on the buffer until the recesses on the buffer are aligned with the recesses in the receiver. Replace the buffer yoke from the top of the receiver, as shown in figure 3-79.

5. Align the guide rails of the stock with the guide rails on the receiver. Push forward until the stock is fully seated. A distinct click will be heard when the latch engages.

6. To check for correct assembly, pull the cocking handle to the rear and return it to its forward position. Close the cover and pull the trigger. The bolt should go forward.


The bolt must be in the rear (cocked) position to close the cover.

For further information on the M60 machine gun, refer to the Army's TM 9-1005-224-24 and TM 9-1005-24-10.


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