Quantcast Removing the Trigger Mechanism Group

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REMOVING THE TRIGGER MECHANISM GROUP.- The trigger mechanism grip group consists of the trigger mechanism grip assembly (trigger housing, sear, sear pin, sear plunger, sear plunger spring, trigger pin, and trigger), the trigger housing pin (interchangeable with the sear pin), and the leaf spring. To remove the group, press in on the front of the leaf spring and rotate the front end down to clear it from the trigger housing pin, as shown in figure 3-82, view A.

Figure 3-80.-Separating the buffer from the drive spring guide.

Figure 3-81.-Removing the operating group.

Pull forward to disengage the rear notch from the sear pin. Remove the trigger housing pin by pushing it to the left, Slide the trigger housing slightly forward, rotate

Figure 3-82.-Removing the trigger mechanism grip group.

the front of the housing down, and remove it (fig. 3-82, view B).


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