Quantcast MK 87 MOD 1 Line-Throwing Rifle Adapter Kit

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LEARNING OBJECTIVE Discuss the Mk 87 Mod 1 line-throwing kit and describe what is needed in preparation for firing.

This kit redates the Mk 87 Mod O kit that replaced the 45/70 line-throwing gun. Included in the kit are 6 projectiles, 1 launcher,18 chemical light wands, and 1 recoil pad. The line-throwing assembly (launcher,

projectile, and canister) is designed to be used with the M14 and Ml 6A1 rifles and applicable grenade cartridges (M64 and M195, respectively).


The launcher (fig. 3-56) is used to hold the projectile and trap propellant gases that propel the projectile. It consists of a cylindrical steel tube approximately 8.5 inches long and 2.75 inches in diameter at the launching end and 1 inch in diameter at the connecting end. When the launcher is used with the M14 rifle, it slides over the flash suppressor and is secured to the rifle by the latch and its wire loop that fits over the bayonet lug of the rifle. The safety retaining pin, fastened to the launcher by a stainless steel lanyard, fits through the latch to lock the launcher to the rifle. The connecting end of the launcher is threaded internally to accept the M16A1 rifle barrel after the flash suppressor of the rifle is removed.


The projectile (fig. 3-57) fits into the launcher. When the rifle grenade cartridge is fired, the projectile

Figure 3-56.-Launcher.

Figure 3-57.-Projectile.

carries one end of the attached shot line tome desired destination. 'he projectile also houses the chemical light wands for night operation.

The reusable projectile is made of butyl rubber with a stainless steel disk assembled in the base end. The disk absorbs the impact of the propellant gases and the wadding of the rifle grenade cartridge. The hole and groove shown in figure 3-57 support the light wand. Three of these supports, located 120 inches apart, are contained in each projectile. The loop line is used to connect the shot line to the projectile.


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