Quantcast Appendix I - Glossary

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A-END- hydraulic pump that controls the output of the B-end through a valve plate and a constant speed motor.

AAW- Anti-air warfare.

ASUW- Anti-surface warfare.

ASW- Anti-submarine warfare.

AUR- All up round.

B-END- Converts fluid power from the A-end into a rotary mechanical motion.

BASE- The after end of the projectile.

BENCH MARKS- Installed for each equipment that has an alignment telescope and used throughout the life of the ship to verify alignment.

BICONVEX- A supersonic fin shape that causes considerable drag but is the strongest fin design.

BITE- Built-in test equipment.

BODY- The main part of the projectile and contains the greatest mass of metal.

BOURRELET- The smooth machined area that acts as a bearing to stabilize the projectile during its travel through the gun bore.

C&D- Command and Decision.

CAB UNIT- An A-end and B-end combination.

CCS- Central control station, same as Damage Control Central (DCC) on some ships.

CENTER-LINE REFERENCE MARKS- Established during initial construction to represent the ship's center line.

CENTER-LINE REFERENCE PLANE (CRP)- The reference used to establish the train zero alignment of all of the combat system equipment aboard ships.

CIC- Command information center.

CONREP- Connected replenishment between ships.

CONTROL SURFACE- Provides the necessary steering corrections to keep the missile in proper flight attitude and trajectory.

CONTROL SYSTEM- Responds to orders from the guidance system and steers the missile toward the target.

CONTROLLED AREA- A security area that surrounds an exclusion area.

CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE- The replacement of components that are identified as worn, defective, or broken.

COSAL- An established shipboard allowance of parts for installed equipment.

CROSS WIND- The wind that blows at the right of the LOF.

CSMP- Current ships' maintenance project.

CYCLIC RATE OF FIRE- The maximum rate at which a weapon will fire in automatic operation, stated in rounds per minute.

DCC- Damage control central, same as Central Control Station (CCS) on some ships.

DEAD TIME- The time interval between the instant the fuze is set and the instant the projectile is fired.

DETONATORS- A device used in initiating highexplosive bursting charges.

DoD- Department of Defense.

DORSAL FIN- The stationary fin provided for inflight stability and some lift.

DoT- Department of Transportation.

DOUBLE WEDGE- A supersonic fin shape that offers the least drag but lacks strength.

DRAG- The resistance offered by the air to the passage of the missile through it.

DTRM- Dual thrust rocket motor made of a solidfuel propellant.

DUD-JETTISON UNIT- Ejects missiles overboard that fail to fire and are unsafe to return to the magazine.

EFFECTIVE CASUALTY RADIUS- The radius of a circular area around the point of detonation within which at least 50 percent of the exposed personnel will become casualties.

ELECTRICAL ZERO- The reference point for alignment of all synchro units.

ESCU- Electronic servo control unit.

ESI- Explosive safety inspection.

ESM- Electronic support measures.

EW- Electronic warfare.

EXCLUSION AREA- A security area that contains one or more nuclear weapons or one or more components of a nuclear weapon.

EXPLOSION- The practically instantaneous and violent release of energy which results from a sudden chemical change of a solid or liquid substance into gases.

EXPLOSIVES- Those substances or mixtures of substances that when suitably initiated by flame, spark, heat, electricity, friction, impact, or similar means, undergo rapid chemical reactions resulting in the rapid release of energy.

EXUDATE- A mixture of lower melting isomers of TNT, nitrocompounds of toluene of lower nitration, and possible nitrocompounds of other aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols.

FCS- Fire control system.

FIXED AMMUNITION- Ammunition that has the cartridge case crimped around the base of the projectile.

FLASH POINT- The temperature in which lubricants give off a vapor.

FOD- Foreign object damage.

FUZES- The initiating device that detonates the warhead (payload).

GCP- Gun control panel.

GMLS- Guided missile launching system.

GMTR- Guided missile training round.

GUIDANCE SYSTEM- Keeps the missile on its proper flight path.

HERO- Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance.

HIGH-PRESSURE (HP) AIR- Pneumatic air pressure ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 psi.

HSD- Heat sensing devices that are used in detection of slow or fast rise in temperature for automatic activation of magazine sprinkler systems.

HYDROSCOPIC- Explosives that easily absorbs moisture.


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