Quantcast Glossary (Continued)

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ICS- Integrated control station.

IFF- Identification friend or foe.

INITIAL VELOCITY (IV)- The speed at which a projectile is traveling at the instant it leaves the gun bore.

IPB- Illustrated parts breakdown is a publication that describes and illustrates all the components used in ordnance equipment.

LED- Light-emitting diode.

LIFT- The upward force that supports the missile in flight.

LOF- Line of fire is used to position the gun bore with respect to the LOS.

LOS- Line of sight is used to establish the present location of the target.

LOW-PRESSURE (LP) AIR- Pneumatic air pressure ranging up to 150 psi.

MACH NUMBER- The ratio of missile speed to the local speed of sound.

MAGAZINE AREA- The compartment, spaces, or passages on board ship containing magazine entrances that are intended to be used for the handling and passing of ammunition.

MAGAZINE- Any compartment, space, or locker that is used, or intended to be used, for the stowage of explosives or ammunition of any kind.

MAIN RELIEF VALVE- Protects the CAB unit from excessive pressure buildup and cavitation of the A-end.

MASTER REFERENCE PLANE (MRP)- The plane used as the machining reference to establish the foundation of the combat systems equipment. After initial construction, the MRP is only used as a reference plane following major damage or modernization.

MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE RANGE- The greatest distance at which a weapon maybe expected to fire accurately to inflict damage or casualties.

MAXIMUM RANGE- The greatest distance that the projectile will travel.

MCC- Main control console.

MEDIUM PRESSURE (MP) AIR- Pneumatic air pressure ranging from 151 to 1,000 psi.

MFCS- Missile fire control system.

MHE- Materials-handling equipment (industrial).

MODIFIED DOUBLE WEDGE- A supersonic fin shape that has relatively drag and is stronger.

MRC- Maintenance requirement cards.

NALC- Navy ammunition logistics code.

NEC- Navy enlisted classification code.

NEEW- The Net Equivalent Explosive Weight.

NPN- A transistor with the arrow that points away from the base.

NTDS- Naval tactical data system.

NWS- Naval Weapons Station.


Established during initial instruction to facilitate combat systems alignment. They are installed to prevent repeating center-line surveys during subsequent alignments.

OGIVE- The forward portion of a projectile.

OJT- On-the-job training.

ORDALTS- Authorized ordnance alterations.

ORTS- Operational readiness test system.

OSG- Order signal generator.

PA- System operating pressure ranging from 1,400 to 1,700 psi.

PC- Printed circuit card.

PDP- Power distribution panel.

PITCH- The turning rotation of a missile about its lateral axis.

PNP- A transistor with the arrow that points towards the base.

POWER OFF BRAKE- Stops the equipment movement during power failures, secures equipment movement against pitch and roll of the ship when system is inactive, provides for manual hand cranking during emergencies, installation, and maintenance.

PQS- Personnel qualification standards.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE- The regular lubrication, inspection, and cleaning of equipment.

PRIMARY MAGAZINES- Ammunition stowage spaces, generally located below the main deck, and insofar as is practical, below the waterline.

PRIMERS- A device used to initiate the burning of a propellant charge by means of a flame.

PROPELLANTS- A device used to provide a pressure that, acting against an object to be propelled, will accelerate the object to the required velocity.

PRP- Pneumatically released pilot valve.

PYROTECHNIC- A device used for illumination, marking, and signaling.


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