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There are three miscellaneous electrical components in the GCP not involved in the gun control system. The three components are the GCP blowers, the ROUNDS COUNTER CC, and the ELAPSED TIME COUNTER CO.

GCP Blowers

Two GCP blowers (one intake, one exhaust) circulate air inside the GCP to prevent excessive temperatures from damaging the electrical components. The blowers are mounted on the back of the GCP, on top of air ducts leading into the GCP

Figure 5-51.-Sound-powered telephone jack box (J302).

(fig. 5-52). The blower motors receive 115 VAC three-phase power (60 Hz for Mod 0, 400 Hz for  whenever the SERVO SYSTEM AND SERVICES circuit breaker is positioned to I (see fig. 5-29 and table Mod 1) from the main transformer T1 and are on 5-3).

Figure 5-52.-GCP blowers.

Rounds Counter CC

The ROUNDS COUNTER CC is located inside the top cover of the GCP. The counter CC is operated by a solenoid which is energized when a round is fired and allows the gun crew to monitor the number of rounds fired (fig. 5-53 and table 5-12).


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