Quantcast Mk 1 Marine Illumination Signal

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Mk 1 Marine Illumination Signal

The Mk 1 marine illumination signal (fig. 1-10) is a general-purpose signal fired from the AN-M8 pyrotechnic pistol. The Mk 1 signal is available in two versions: the Mod O and the Mod 1.' The Mod O produces a red, green or yellow 7- to n-second star that falls free and leaves a trail of white light, similar to a comet. The Mod 1 produces a 20- to 30-second parachute-suspended red star. Both rounds are expelled from the pyrotechnic pistol by an auxiliary explosive to an approximate altitude of 30 feet. A rocket motor then ignites to propel the signal to a minimum height of 500 feet. It is stabilized in flight by folded fins that spring out once the signal is fired. At the end of its burn, the rocket propellant ignites an expelling charge and the pyrotechnic composition.

Mk 2 Marine Smoke Signal

The Mk 2 marine smoke signal (fig. 1-11) is intended primarily for signaling between ships and aircraft. It consists of a parachute-suspended red smoke display that persists for 20 to 30 seconds at a minimum height of 500 feet. The Mk 2 smoke signal is fired from the AN-M8 pyrotechnic pistol and functions much the same as the Mk 1 marine illunination signal.

AN-MS Pyrotechnic Pistol

A pistol similar to the Mk 5 pyrotechnic pistol is the AN-M8 pyrotechnic pistol (fig. 1-12). It can be used with a number of signals of shotgun-shell shape. The AN-M8 pyrotechnic pistol is loaded and fired in much the same fashion as the Mk 5. To open the breech for loading, raise the breechblock and pivot the hinged barrel down for loading and unloading. The same safety and maintenance procedures also apply.

Figure 1-l0.-The Mk 1 marine illumination signal.

Figure 1-11.-The Mk 2 marine smoke signal.

Figure l-12.-The AN-M8 pyrotechnic pistol.


The pyrotechnic pistol is cocked at all times when the breech is closed, it has no positive safety mechanism. Illumination signals must NOT BE LOADED in the pistol until just before use. Unfired signals must NOT be left in the pistol.


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