Quantcast Mk 5 Pyrotechnic Pistol

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Mk 5 Pyrotechnic Pistol

Mk 2 marine illumination signals are fired from the Mk 5 pyrotechnic pistol. This pistol is a breech-loaded, double-action, single-shot device, 11 inches long. Metal parts are mounted on a plastic frame. The operating instructions for the Mk 5 pistol are as follows:

1. To load the pistol, depress the latch button below the barrel. At the same time, pull the barrel downward, as show in figure 1-8, view A. Insert the signal shell

Figure 1-8.-Operation of the Mk 5 pyrotechnic pistol.

(view B). Push the barrel upward until it latches in the closed position. The pistol is now ready to fire.

2. To fire the pistol, aim it upward at the desired angle, normally 60 degrees, but clear of other ships or personnel. Pull the trigger, as shown in figure 1-8, view

C. Keep your elbow slightly bent when firing to absorb the shock of recoil and to prevent the pistol from knocking itself out of your hand.

3. To extract the expended shell, break the pistol open again (view A), and pull the shell out of the chamber (view D).


The pyrotechnic pistol is cocked at all times when the breech is closed, it has no positive safety mechanism. Illumination signals must NOT BE LOADED in the pistol until just before use. Untired signals must NOT be left in the pistol.

The Mk 5 pistol must be kept in serviceable condition at all times. Clean it thoroughly after each use according to the procedure prescribed on the appropriate 3-M System maintenance requirement card (MRC).

When loading or firing a pyrotechnic pistol, NEVER point it in the direction of other personnel or vessels.

NEVER use the Mk 5 pistol with ammunition other than that authorized for use with it. Conversely, illumination signals should never be fired from shotguns or from projectors other than those authorized.

AN-M37A2 Through AN-M39A2 Series, Double-Star Aircraft Illumination Signal

The AN-M37A2 through AN-M39A2 series illumination signals (fig. 1-9) are fired from the AN-M8 pyrotechnic pistol for either day or night identification or signaling. Each signal projects two stars of the same color, which burn from 7 to 13 seconds, to an altitude of approximately 250 feet above the point of launch. The 25,000-candlepower stars are visible from 2 to 3 miles in daylight and 5 miles at night in clear weather. The display colors are indicated by l/4-inch bands around the circumference of the signal and by colors on the closing wad. No provision is made for identification by touch as with the Mk 2 marine illumination signal. These signals ignite upon firing since they have no delay fuze.

Figure 1-9.-The AN-M37A2 through the AN-M39A2 aircraft illumination signals.


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