Quantcast Chapter9 - Lathes and lathe machine operations

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The engine lathe, its use, and its principal parts and their uses are knowledges and skills expected of an EN2. Although machine shop work is generally done by personnel in the Machinery Repairman (MR) rating, there may be times that you will find the lathe essential to complete a repair job. This chapter will help you to identify the engine lathe’s attachments, accessories, and their uses. Also, it will identify and explain different machining operations and the factors related to machining operations. Of course, you will be expected to know and to follow the safety precautions associated with machining operations.

There are a number of different types of lathes installed in the machine shops in various Navy ships. These include the engine lathe, the horizontal turret lathe, and several variations of the basic engine lathe, such as bench, toolroom, and gap lathes. All lathes, except the vertical turret type, have one thing in common. For all usual machining operations, the workpiece is held and rotated about a horizontal axis, while being formed to size and shape by a cutting tool. In the vertical turret lathe, the workpiece is rotated about a vertical axis. Of the various types of lathes, the type you are most likely to use is the engine lathe. Therefore, this chapter deals only with engine lathes and the machining operations you may have to perform.

NOTE: Before you attempt to operate any lathe, make sure you know how to operate it. Read all operating instructions supplied with the machine. Learn the locations of the various controls and how to operate them.


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