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Track Shoes
The most common track shoe is the grouser shoe shown in figure 6-22. This shoe is standard on all crawler-mounted dozers. The extreme service track shoe (fig. 6-23) is equipped on crawler-mounted dozers that operate primarily in rocky locations, such as rock quarries and coral beaches. Notice the grouser, or raised portion of the shoe, is heavier than the standard grouser shoe.

Another shoe common to track-mounted front-end loaders is the multipurpose shoe. This shoe has three grousers that extend a short distance above the shoe and are equally spaced across its face. The multi-purpose shoe allows more maneuverability with less wear on the track and track frame components.

The grouser absorbs most of the wear and its condition indicates when the track needs replacement or overhaul.

Figure 6-22.- Standard grouser shoe.

Figure 6-23.- Extreme service track shoe.


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