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Poncho and Liner

The poncho, with hood, is made of waterproof nylon cloth. It is roughly rectangular in shape with the long side parallel and the short side slightly curved. The hood and the opening for the neck are located in the center. Drawstrings are located at the neck and waist. You can use the poncho as a rain garment, shelter, ground cloth, or sleeping bag.

The poncho may be worn as a rain cape with the arms inside, or it may be worn with the arms outside for freedom of movement (fig. 2-20). To put the poncho on, slip it over your head. If the poncho is to be worn, adjust

Figure 2-21.-One poncho used as one-man shelter.

Figure 2-22.-Two ponchos for two-man tent.

the hood drawstring to fit. The helmet is worn over the hood. Fasten the snap fasteners on the sides to prevent the poncho from flapping in high winds.

Various types of shelters and lean-tos can be made by attaching ponchos to trees, tree branches, bushes, sticks or poles. Always dig a ditch around the edge to help drain off the rainwater. (See figs. 2-21, 2-22, and 2-23.) The poncho may be used as a ground cover for shelters and as a waterproof barrier between the ground and sleeping bag.

The poncho may be used as a sleeping bag either by itself or in conjunction with a poncho liner (fig. 2-24). Spread the poncho flat on the ground, making sure the hood opening is tightly closed. If a liner is used, place it on top of the poncho, fold the poncho and liner in half lengthwise, and fasten the snaps together. If the poncho is being used without a liner, snap the sides together along its entire length and tuck the foot end under to keep the feet from sticking out.

When the poncho is being used as a sleeping bag in a combat area, DO NOT FASTEN THE SNAP FASTENERS TOGETHER; THEY CANNOT BE OPENED QUICKLY.

Figure 2-23.-Several ways ponchos can be used for shelter.

Figure 2-24.-Poncho used as sleeping bag.

Figure 2-25.-Folding poncho for carry with load-carrying equipment

The poncho can be folded and packed for carrying with your individual load-carrying equipment or for carrying over your pistol belt. It can be carried in a duffel bag or inside the field pack, if space permits. See figures 2-25 and 2-26 for steps in folding the poncho.

Figure 2-26.-Folding poncho for carry over pistol belt only.


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