environmental protection, and overall system economy. Table 1-1 details the main advantages of fiber optic systems. "> Advantages and disadvantages of fiber optics

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Fiber optic systems have many attractive features that are superior to electrical systems. These include improved system performance, immunity to electrical noise, signal security, and improved safety and electrical isolation.

Other advantages include reduced size and weight, environmental protection, and overall system economy. Table 1-1 details the main advantages of fiber optic systems.

Table 1 - 1. - Advantages of Fiber Optics

  • System Performance
  • Greatly increased bandwidth and capacity
  • Lower signal attenuation (loss)
  • Immunity to Electrical Noise
  • Immune to noise (electromagnetic interference [EMI] and radio-frequency interference [RFI]
  • No crosstalk
  • Lower bit error rates
  • Signal Security
  • Difficult to tap
  • Nonconductive (does not radiate signals)Electrical Isolation
  • No common ground required
  • Freedom from short circuit and sparks
  • Size and Weight
  • Reduced size and weight cables
  • Environmental Protection
  • Resistant to radiation and corrosion
  • Resistant to temperature variations
  • Improved ruggedness and flexibility
  • Less restrictive in harsh environments
  • Overall System Economy
  • Low per-channel cost
  • Lower installation cost

Silica is the principal, abundant, and inexpensive material (source is sand)

Despite the many advantages of fiber optic systems, there are some disadvantages.

Because of the relative newness of the technology, fiber optic components are expensive. Fiber optic transmitters and receivers are still relatively expensive compared to electrical interfaces. The lack of standardization in the industry has also limited the acceptance of fiber optics. Many industries are more comfortable with the use of electrical systems and are reluctant to switch to fiber optics. However, industry researchers are eliminating these disadvantages.

Standards committees are addressing fiber optic part and test standardization.

The cost to install fiber optic systems is falling because of an increase in the use of fiber optic technology. Published articles, conferences, and lectures on fiber optics have begun to educate managers and technicians. As the technology matures, the use of fiber optics will increase because of its many advantages over electrical systems.

Q.13 List seven advantages of fiber optics over electrical systems.

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