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Now that you've finished chapter 5, you should be able to (1) state the two types of record and reproduce electronics used on magnetic tape recorders and (2) describe the function and main parts of direct record and reproduce electronics and FM record and reproduce electronics. The following is a summary of important points in this chapter:

DIRECT RECORD (AM) and FREQUENCY MODULATION (FM) are the two types of record and reproduce electronics used by magnetic tape recorders.

The four main parts of DIRECT RECORD ELECTRONICS are the (1) input pre-amplifier circuit, (2) bias source, (3) summing network, and (4) head driver circuit.

The three main parts of DIRECT REPRODUCE ELECTRONICS are the (1) pre-amplifier circuit, (2) equalization and phase correction circuit, and (3) output amplifier circuit.

FM RECORD ELECTRONICS record a frequency modulated signal onto the magnetic tape. It has three main parts: (1) input pre-amplifier circuit, (2) record oscillator circuit, and (3) head driver circuit.

FM REPRODUCE ELECTRONICS must demodulate the original input signal from the carrier signal. It has four main parts: (1) preamplifier circuit, (2) limiter and demodulator circuit, (3) low-pass filter circuit, and (4) output amplifier circuit.

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