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Pistol-Belt Drag

This method (fig. 10-3 1) enables you and the casualty to remain low on the ground, more protected from enemy fire; however, it is satisfactory for only a short distance.

Figure 10-34.-Two-man arms carry (steps one, two, and three).

1. Form a sling by extending two pistol belts or other suitable items to their full length and connecting the ends.

2. With the casualty on his back, pass the sling over his head and position it across his chest and under his armpits.

3. Cross the sling straps at a point near the casualty's shoulder, forming a loop for your shoulder.

4. Lie on your back alongside the casualty and slip the loop over your arm that is closer to the casualty; then turn away from the casualty onto your abdomen, thus causing the loop to fit tightly around your shoulder.

5. Place your arm, the one nearer the casualty, underneath his head to protect it during movement.

6. Crawl along, dragging the casualty with you.

Figure 10-35.-Two-man saddleback carry(steps one and two). Neck Drag

This method (fig. 10-32) enables you and the casualty to remain close to the ground.

1. Tie the casualty's hands together and loop them around your neck.

2. Crawl along, dragging the casualty with you.


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