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This obstacle consists of two parallel 4-strand fences with a third 4-strand fence zigzagged between them to form triangular cells. With two rows of pickets, as shown in figure 8-30, the entanglement is classed as a belt; with one or more additional rows of fences and triangular cells, it is a band. To add to the obstacle effect, install front and rear aprons and place spirals of loose wire in the triangular cells.

A 984-foot section of high-wire entanglement with two rows of pickets, as shown in figure 8-30, is a platoon

Figure 8-20.-High-wire entanglement.

Figure 8-31.-Trestle apron fence.

task normally requiring about 2 hours, assuming 38 men per platoon. The two operations are laying out and installing pickets and installing wire.

Phase One

For this operation, divide the working party into two groups: two thirds of the men going to the first group and one third to the second. The first group carries and lays out pickets, front row first and at 10-foot intervals. Second-row pickets are laid out in a line 10 feet to the rear of the front row and spaced midway between them. The first group also lays out an anchor picket in line with each end of each 4-strand fence, 10 feet from the nearest long picket. If guys are needed, anchor pickets are also

Figure 8-32.-Lapland fence.

laid out in lines 2 paces from the lines of the front and rear fences, opposite and midpoint of spaces between the long pickets. The second group installs front-row pickets, returns to the head of the fence, installs the rear row, and then installs the anchor pickets. When the first group finishes laying out pickets, they begin installing wire and help finish installing the pickets.

Phase Two

As the first task is completed, men move individually to the head of the fence and are organized into teams of two or four men to install wires in the same manner as for the 4-strand fence. The order of installation is as shown in figure 8-30, except if front guys are used, they are installed before the No. 1 wire; rear guys after the No. 12 wire. The lengthwise wires of each 4-strand fence begin and end at an anchor picket.

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