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FIRE SUPPORT PLAN The platoon commander coordinates with the weapons platoon commander concerning crew-served weapons and final protective lines (FPLs). The defensive fire plan of the platoon is integrated with the fire plan of the company.

Once the primary positions of the squads are determined, the platoon commander selects the sector of fire of the squad. The sectors of the squads overlap and cover the portion of the company battle position assigned to the platoon. The sectors of fire of the flank squads overlap the adjacent platoon's flank squad's sectors of fire, and the interlocking fire provides mutual support (fig. 4-1 2).

When a gap exits between adjacent platoons, proper coverage is accomplished by use of indirect fire (fig. 4-13).

PLATOON FIRE PLAN SKETCH The platoon commander prepares a fire plan sketch or overlay based from the fire plan sketches of the squad leader. A platoon fire plan sketch or overlay

Figure 4-12.- Mutual support provided by flank fire.

Figure 4-13.- Coverage for a gap. is submitted to the company commander for approval (fig. 4-14 and appendix II).

The sketch or overlay includes the following: Squad primary position and sectors of fire Positions and PDFs for all automatic rifles including crew-served weapons Location of platoon or company observation post FPLs of all weapons located in platoon defense area On-call targets Barriers and early warning devices Claymore mines

ORGANIZING THE PLATOON IN THE DEFENSE The task of organizing the platoon in the defense begins immediately upon arrival of the company. Work commences in the order of priority established by the company commander. Top priorities for the platoon normally include the following actions in order of importance:

l Establish security. . Hastily set up a communication network. l Position automatic and crew-served weapons.

Clear fields of fire. Assign sectors of fire and PDFs. Prepare fighting positions. Plan, coordinate, and plot available fire support. Install tactical and supplementary wire. Lay and bury wire for the final communication network.

Prepare other obstacles including claymores and protective wire.

Prepare alternate positions. Prepare supplementary positions.

NOTE: The platoon commander must have constant communication with the squad leaders and the company CP.



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