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A CASREP message consists of one or more data sets that convey suffiicient information, to satisfy the requirements of a particular casualty reporting situation. These data sets are preceded by a standard Navy message header consisting of precedence, addressees, and classification. Specific guidelines for both the message header and data sets to be used are contained in NWP-10-1-10, Operational Reports. This publication also provides detailed information for typing each kind of casualty report (INITIAL, UPDATE, CORRECT, or CANCEL) with examples of different CASREP situations and how to submit the applicable report for each.

A CASREP message will always be serialized. This serialization will be the MSGID (message identification) set, which appears immediately after the message classification line. The serial numbers are sequential from 1 through 999 for every CASREP originated by a unit. These serial numbers should never be repeated until a new sequence of 1 through 999 has begun. Anew sequence of numbers starts after the unit has submitted CASREP message number 999.

The date-time-group (DTG) of the message transmission is the effective time ("as of" time) of the CASREP. Follow-up CASREP messages (UPDATE, CORRECT, or CANCEL) should reference the INITIAL CASREP message DTG.

Because of the importance and priority of CASREP message transmission, these messages should be transmitted even under communications MINIMIZE conditions. The standard naval telecommunications systems (NTS) service procedures are used in correcting any messages having transmission errors.

Refer again to the example messages shown in figures 13-5 through 13-9. Notice that many data sets (such as MSGID, POSIT, and REF) are used in the CASREP messages. The following is a list of authorized data sets as they are used in submitting CASREP messages:

Table 13-2.-Casualty Categories and Criteria

As you can see, a working knowledge of CASREP procedures is an important tool in the maintenance of your unit's material and operational readiness. A lot of care and effort should be made to ensure that CASREP messages are correctly submitted. You may be the one who has to draft and submit these reports, so it is essential that you become familiar with the CASREP system.


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