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Fleet units requisition all nonnuclear ordnance using the Military Standard Requisitioning and Issuing Procedures (MILSTRIP) format in a naval message.

Figure 2-10.-Ammunition lot/location card.

Figure 2-11.-Ammunition serial/location card.

MILSTRIP relies upon coded data for processing requisitions by means of automatic data processing equipment. Each ship is provided with an ammunition allowance list of one form or another, depending on its status/mission. The ship-fall allowance list is the one you will be primarily concerned with. It lists the ammunition types and quantities authorized for issue in support of the mission of the ship. This list includes the training allowance. All ammunition requisitions must be made with the allowance list in mind. Training allowance increases may be requested.

At this writing, ammunition recording, requisitioning, and reporting are in the process of being automated throughout the fleet. The ordnance manager will maintain his or her ledger and generate requisitions and ATRs all from the same computer terminal. The format, however, will remain the same.

There are many requirements and special instructions involved in the preparation of an ammunition requisition. The mechanics of requisitioning ammunition are well beyond the scope of this manual. Refer to chapter 8 of SPCCINST 8010.12 for detailed information concerning ammunition MILSTRIP requisitions. Your supply officer and the ships Storekeepers (Sks) are also excellent sources of expertise concerning requisitions.


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