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The MK 34 gun weapon system (GWS) is a departure from past gun fire control systems. In line with the one-system concept, the Mk 34 GWS is designed as a fully integrated subsystem of the AEGIS Combat System (ACS) to include the fire control computer, gun mount, and sight. The Mk 34 GWS receives target engagement orders from the AEGIS command and decision (C&D) system. It receives target data from shipboard sensors, performs ballistic calculations, and generates gun control orders. Digital target data is provided primarily by the AN/SPY-1 phased array radar system, with the AN/SPS-67 surface search radar serving as the secondary source of target data. Figure 10-11 shows the functional interface of the Mk 34 GWS with other elements of the combat system.

The Mk 34 GWS will be installed on all new construction AEGIS ships beginning with the DDG-51 class destroyer. Several of the later Ticonderoga class cruisers will also be fitted with the Mk 34 GWS. The system consists of a Mk 160 gun computer system

(GCS), a 5"/54 Mk 45 gun system, and an EX 46 optical sight. The following is a brief description of each of these components except for the 5"/54 Mk 45 gun that was described in chapter 6.

Mk 160 Gun Computer System

The Mk 160 gun computer system (GCS) receives target data from shipboard sensors to compute a ballistic

Figure 10-11.-Functional interface of the Mk 34 GWS.

solution. From this ballistic solution, it provides gun orders and selects projectile types. The GCS also generates the fire order to the gun mount. The Mk 160 GCS consists of the following elements: . Gun console computer (GCC) l Computer display console (CDC) . Recorder-reproducer . Signal data converter/gun mount processor


. Gun mount control panel (GMCP) @ Velocimeter

GUN CONSOLE COMPUTER.- The gun console computer (GCC) serves as the primary interface between the GWS and the AEGIS C&D system and combat system sensors. It acts as a falter for target data, passing data for the selected target to the SDC/GMP.

COMPUTER DISPLAY CONSOLE.- The computer display console (CDC), also known as the gun console (GC), serves as the operator-to-GCS interface for providing target/system status and data entry displays. It also permits manual selection of the engagement mode and type of ammunition, queuing and engaging targets, entering ballistic data, and adjusting fire.

RECORDER-REPRODUCER.- The recorderreproducer is a standard lightweight digital tape storage subsystem using a tape cartridge medium. The GCS uses two of these units to load operational programs, record, and retrieve system operational data.

SIGNAL DATA CONVERTER/GUN MOUNT PROCESSOR.- The signal data converter/gun mount processor (SDC/GMP) consists of two primary segments-the signal data converter (SDC) and the gun mount processor (GMP). Both are contained in a single watertight cabinet located in the gun mount. The GMP computes two ballistic solutions for the target being engaged, based on filtered target data, control commands, and other ship related information. The GMP converts ballistic solutions into gun orders that are transmitted to the gun mount by the SDC.

GUN MOUNT CONTROL PANEL.- The gun mount control panel (GMCP) is used to monitor and display GCS and GWS status in the normal modes of operation. The primary function of the GMCP, however, is to provide a casualty mode means of target data entry into the SDC/GMP should data not be available from the GC.

VELOCIMETER.- The velocimeter is a Doppler radar system used to measure projectile IV. The IV data is passed digitally to the GMP to update/correct ballistic computations. The velocimeter antenna is mounted directly to the gun above the barrel.


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