Quantcast Servo Accumulator

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SERVO ACCUMULATOR.- The servo accumulator (fig. 6-8) maintains a reserve of servo pressure to meet peak demands for both the train and elevation power drives. Servo pressure enters the accumulator through a spring-loaded check valve,

Figure 6-7.-Auxiliary relief valve block (power-off brake released).

Figure 6-8.-Servo accumulator (schematic diagram),

UV84. Valve UV84 prevents accumulator pressure from feeding back through the pump during shutdown. Fluid then ports to the accumulator flask and to the receiver-regulator of each power drive. The fluid reserve in the flask is held under pressure by the nitrogen charged bladder,


The Mk 75 uses two 3-kW low-inertia dc motors and reduction gearing for train and a single 4.5-kW dc motor and reduction gearing for elevation. This system was discussed in detail in chapter 5.


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