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The Planned Maintenance System (PMS) provides each command with a simple, standard means for planning, scheduling, controlling, and performing planned equipment maintenance. PMS actions are the minimum actions necessary to maintain equipment in a fully operational condition.

In the following paragraphs, we describe the primary forms used in the PMS. These forms are available through the Naval Supply System.

Maintenance Requirement Card

Maintenance procedures are contained on a Maintenance Requirement Card (OPNAV 4790), shown in figure 2-6. Every preventive maintenance action has an associated MRC that describes, in detail, "who (rate)" should do "what," "when," "how," and "with what resources" for the maintenance requirement.

Equipment Guide List

A maintenance requirement card may have an associated Equipment Guide List (OPNAV 4790/81), shown in figure 2-7, that identifies the location of all identical equipment covered by the MRC. Guide lists are filled out by technicians, since they know where their equipment is located. The Maintenance Requirement Card may also have an associated Tag Guide List (OPNAV 4790/107) that describes what equipment must be tagged out while the maintenance is being performed (see your 3-M manual for a sample).

Maintenance Index Page

A Maintenance Index Page (OPNAV 4790/85) contains a brief description of the maintenance requirements on all the maintenance requirement cards for each item of equipment. Included are the periodicity codes, the man-hours involved, the minimum required skill level, and, if applicable, the related maintenance requirements.

List of Effective Pages

The List of Effective Pages (Report No. PMS 5) provides a listing of all Maintenance Index Pages assigned to your work center. It includes a report date, a force revision number, your type commander (TYCOM), ship's hull number and unit identification code, your work center, maintenance index page numbers, and a brief description of equipment for each maintenance index page listed.

Weekly PMS Schedule

A Weekly PMS Schedule (OPNAV 4790/15) is a visual display posted in each work center's working area that shows who has been assigned to perform required maintenance on specific components or equipment.

Quarterly PMS Schedule

A Quarterly PMS Schedule (OPNAV 4790/14) is a visual display that shows a quarter's worth of specific maintenance requirements, divided into weeks.

Planned Maintenance System Feedback Report

The Planned Maintenance System Feedback Report (OPNAV 4790/713), shown in figure 2-8, provides the command with an easy method for recommending changes to maintenance requirement cards, ordering replacements for cards that have been lost or mutilated, and notifying the system's command of any discrepancies in coverage.

This form has an original and four copies. Instructions for preparing and submitting it are printed on the back of the form. See figure 2-9.

Figure 2-6.-Maintenance Requirement Card (OPNAV 4790).

Figure 2-7.-Equipment Guide List (OPNAV 4790/81).


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