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The publications issued by the Naval Sea Systems Command are of particular importance to engineering department personnel. Although you do not need to know everything in these publications, you should have a general idea of where to find the information in them.

Naval Ships’ Technical Manual

The Naval Ships’ Technical Manual is the basic engineering doctrine publication of the Naval Sea Systems Command. The manual is kept up to date by means of quarterly changes. As new chapters are issued, they are designated by a new chapter numbering system.


The Deckplate is a monthly publication that contains interesting and useful articles on all aspects of shipboard engineering. This magazine is particularly useful because it presents informa-tion that supplements and clarifies information contained in the Naval Ships’ Technical Manual. It also presents information on new developments in naval engineering.

Manufacturers’ Technical Manuals

The manufacturers’ technical manuals fur-nished with most machinery units and many items of equipment are valuable sources of information on construction, operation, maintenance, and repair. The manufacturers’ technical manuals that are furnished with most shipboard engineering equipment are given NAVSEA numbers.


As an Engineman, you will read and work from mechanical drawings. You will find information on how to read and interpret drawings in Blueprint Reading and Sketching, NAVEDTRA 10077 (latest edition).

You must also know how to locate applicable drawings. For some purposes, the drawings included in the manufacturers’ technical manuals for the machinery or equipment may give you the information you need. In many cases, however, you will find it necessary to consult the onboard drawings. These are sometimes referred to as ship’s plans or ship’s blueprints, and they are listed in an index called the ship’s drawing index (SDI). The SDI lists all working drawings that have a NAVSEA drawing number, all manufacturers’ drawings designated as certifica-tion data sheets, equipment drawing lists, and assembly drawings that list detail drawings. For detailed information on drawings, and procedures for locating drawings, refer to Naval Ships’ Technical Manual, chapter 080, “Publications and Drawings.”


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