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The number of tag-out logs on a ship depends on the ship’s size. For example, a minesweeper or nonnuclear-powered submarine may need only one tag-out log; a major surface combatant may need a separate log for each major department. Individual force commanders specify the number of logs needed and their location.

A tag-out log is a record of authorization for each

tag-out action. It includes the following information:

1. A copy of OPNAVINST 3120.32B and any amplifying directives needed to administer the system.

2. The DANGER/CAUTION Tag-out Index and Record of Audit (Index/Audit Record). This is a sequential list of all tag-outs issued. It provides a ready reference of existing tag-outs, ensures that serial numbers are issued sequentially, and is useful in conducting audits of the log. A sample of this index is shown in figure 1-10. Index pages with all tag-outs listed as cleared may be removed by the department head.

3. DANGER/CAUTION Tag-out Record Sheet (figs. 1-11 and 1-12). All tags that have been used in the tag-out of a particular system are logged on one DANGER/CAUTION tag-out record sheet along with the reason for the tag-out. All effective sheets are kept in one section of the log.

4. Instrument Log (fig. 1-13). Labels used with OUT-OF-CALIBRATION and OUT-OF-COM-MISSION instruments are logged in the instrument log.

5. Cleared DANGER/CAUTION Tag-out Record Sheets. Sheets that have been cleared and completed are

Figure 1-10.—Danger/Caution Tag-out Index and Record of Audit.

Figure 1-11.—Danger/Caution Tag-out Record Sheet (front).

Figure 1-12.—Danger/Caution Tag-out Record Sheet (back).

Figure 1-13.—Instrument Log.

transferred to this section of the log until they are reviewed and removed by the department head.


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