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Board Measure

The basic unit of quantity for lumber is called a BOARD FOOT. It is defined as the volume of

Figure 6-1.-Examp1e of a laminated lumber.

a board 1 ft long by 1 ft wide by 1 in. thick. Since the length of lumber is usually measured in feet, the width in inches, and the thickness in inches, the formula for the quantity of lumber in board feet becomes the following:

Example: Calculate the board measure of a 14-ft length of a 2 by 4. Applying the formula, you get 

Lumber less than 1 in. thick is presumed to be 1 in. thick for board measure purposes. Board measure is calculated on the basis of the nominal, not the dressed, dimensions of lumber. The symbol for board feet is bm, and the symbol for a unit of 1,000 is M. If 10,000 board feet of lumber were needed, for example, the quantity would be 10Mbm.


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