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USE OF A MITER LINE. A miter line (fig. 5-10) offers a convenient method of laying out a third view while you are in the process of drawing two views. Place the miter line (fig. 5-10, view B) to the right of the top view at a convenient distance, keeping the appearance of a balanced drawing. Draw light projection lines from the top view to the miter line (fig. 5-10, view C), then vertically downward (fig. 5-10, view D). Using the front view, draw horizontal projection lines (fig. 5-10, view E) to the right, intersecting the vertical projection lines. The result of this procedure is the outline and placement of the right side view (fig. 5-10, view F).

Some EAs prefer to extend the top view projection lines to the right side view using the alternate method shown in figure 5-11.

ARRANGEMENT OF VIEWS. The six principal views of an object drawn in a third-angle projection are arranged according to the American standard arrangement of views. This arrangement (practiced since the late 1800s) depicts the relative position of the six principal views and their relationship to each other on a drafting plane.

As shown in figure 5-12, all views (except the front view) are rotated toward the observer as though they are hinged. REMEMBER, the front

Figure 5-12.-American standard arrangement of views in a six-view third-angle multi-view projection.

view always lies in the plane of the drafting surface and does not require any rotation. Notice that the front, right side, left side, and rear views lineup in direct horizontal projection.

Use the minimum number of views necessary to show an item. The three principal views are the top, front, and right-side. The TOP VIEW (also called a PLAN in architectural drawings) is projected to and drawn on an image plane above the front view of the object. The FRONT VIEW (ELEVATION) should show the most characteristic shape of the object or its most natural appearance when observed in its permanent or fixed position. The RIGHT-SIDE VIEW (ELEVATION) is located at a right angle to the front and top views, making all the views mutually perpendicular.


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