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ADJUSTMENTS AND MAINTENANCE.—Normally, when the machine is first installed, no adjustments are required. Occasionally, however, some readjustment may be necessary because of atmospheric changes, which may cause shrinkage or expansion of some of the belts. These adjustments should be performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and only then by qualified personnel.

Maintenance is required on a daily, weekly, monthly, semiannually, annually, and whenever necessary basis. The following guide should be followed:

1. Daily requirements:

a. Empty the residue bottle after at least every 8 hours of operation. Never reuse residue water.

b. Replenish the ammonia supply.

c. Clean the outside of the cylinder with glass cleaner. (Operate the machine at slow speed while cleaning the cylinder. )

d. Clean the feedboard, tracing receiving tray, and print receiving tray. Keep them free of foreign objects.

2. Weekly requirements:

Clean the inside of the cylinder when the machine is COLD, using the following procedure:

a. Open the door at each end of the lamp housing.

b. Remove the lamp connector from each end.

c. Swing the triangular stop aside and withdraw the lamp assembly.

d. Clean the inside of the cylinder—wrap a damp, clean cloth around a swab and wipe the cylinder while it is in slow motion. Repeat the procedure with a dry cloth wrapped around the swab until the cylinder is thoroughly clean.

e. Wipe the lamp assembly with a DAMP cloth.

f. Reinstall the lamp assembly.

IMPORTANT: Handle the lamp assembly with great care, as it is fragile and expensive. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE LAMP FROM THE MACHINE UNTIL IT HAS COOLED. Always rest the lamp assembly flat on a table; never stand it on end.

3. Monthly requirements:

Lubricate the bearings and drive chain assembly sparingly with No. 10 motor oil.

4. Semiannual requirements:

Clean all suction holes of the rotating tracing separation drum with pipe stem cleaners.

5. Annual requirements:

a. Lubricate the bearings and drive chain sparingly with No. 10 motor oil.

b. Remove all hoses of the airflow system and clean out dust and dirt.

6. Whenever necessary:

a. If the developer sealing sleeve becomes tacky, remove it from the machine; wash both the inside and the outside thoroughly with soap and water and dry well. NEVER attempt to wash the sealing sleeve while it is in the machine. 

b. It is advisable to clean the perforated side of the developing tank at the same time. Use any commercial cleaning fluid. This will prevent any smudging of prints because of dirt accumulations on the perforated side.


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