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The purpose of the SF 601 form (fig. 12-6) is to record prophylactic (disease preventive) immunizations; sensitivity tests; reactions to transfusions, drugs, sera (sing. serum), and food; known allergies; and blood-typing. The SF 601 contains specified blocks for various immunizations, such as yellow fever vaccine, typhoid vaccine, and influenza vaccine.

Preparing and Maintaining SF 601
An immunization record is prepared and maintained for each person with an HREC. Information on the SF 601 is recorded in designated blocks. When space is exhausted in any single category, prepare a new SF 601 and file in the HREC in chronological order. Verify previous entries and bring the most current immunizations forward. Retain the old SF 601 beneath the new SF 601. Replacement of the SF 601 is not required because of a change in grade, rating, name, or status of member. Never maintain the SF 601 separate from the HREC. Information recorded on the SF 601 is normally needed for government international travel, such as unit deployments or directed governmental travel.

Immunization Entries
The name of the medical officer or MDR administering the immunization or test or determining

Figure 12-5.-Standard Form 600, Special-Hypersensitivity.

Figure 12-6.-Immunization Record, SF 601: A. Front view.

Figure 12-6.-Immunization Record, SF 601: B. Back view.

the nature of the sensitivity reaction should be typed or stamped on the SF 601 form. Signatures are not required; however, when signatures are used, make sure you can read them.

The medical officer or Medical Department representative administering the immunization is responsible for completing entries in the appropriate sections of SF 601. For smallpox (if administered), cholera, yellow fever and anthrax immunizations, record the manufacturer's name and batch or lot number.

NOTE: The specific protocol for recording anthrax immunizations is outlined in SECNAVINST 6230.4.

Type any hypersensitivity to drugs or chemicals under "Remarks and Recommendations" in capital letters (e.g., "HYPERSENSITIVITY TO ASPIRIN," "HYPERSENSITIVE TO LIDOCAINE"). This entry is in addition to a similar entry required on the SF 603, the SF 600 Special-Hypersensitivity form, and the NAVMED 6150/20 retained permanently in the HREC.

When recording positive results (10 mm or more induration) of the tuberculin skin test (PPD), refer to the Tuberculosis Control Program instruction, BUMEDINST 6224.8, for guidance.

Disposing of SF 601
When a service member is released from active duty or separated from the service, the SF 601 is to remain with the HREC.


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