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Bendix-Weiss Constant Velocity (CV) Joint

The driving contact remains on the plane that bisects the angle between the two shafts; however, it is the rolling friction between the four balls and the The Bendix-Weiss constant velocity (CV) joint also uses balls that furnish points of driving contact, but its construction differs from that of the Rzeppa in that the balls are a tight fit between two halves of the coupling and that no cage is used (fig. 5-9). The center ball rotates on a pin inserted in the outer race and serves as a locking medium for the four other balls.

Figure 5-9.- Bendix-Weiss constant velocity (CV) joint.

universal joint housing that positions the balls. When both shafts are in line, that is, at an angle of 180 degrees, the balls lie in a plane that is 90 degrees to the shafts. If the driving shaft remains in the original position, any movement of the driven shaft will cause the balls to move one half of the angular distance. For example, when the driven shaft moves through an angle of 20 degrees, the angle between the two shafts is reduced to 160 degrees. The balls will move 10 degrees in the same direction, and the angle between the driving shaft and the plane in which the balls lie will be reduced to 80 degrees. This action fulfills the requirement that the balls lie in the plane that bisects the angle of drive.

Tripod Joint
A tripod or ball and housing CV joint consists of a spider, usually three balls, needle bearings, outer yoke, and boot. The inner spider is splined to the axle shaft with the needle bearings and three balls fitting around the spider. The yoke then slides over the balls. Slots in the yoke allow the balls to slide in and out and also swivel.

During operation, the axle shaft turns the spider and ball assembly. The balls transfer power to the outer housing. Since the outer housing is connected to the axle stub shaft or hub, power is sent through the joint to propel the vehicle.

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