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The New Leader in Military Technical Publications

Members of the U.S.A.F. (United States Armed Forces) finally have user friendly access to military specifications and educational publications. With no credit to be given to the U.S. Military, in fact a private organization has taken the liberty to provide this undoubtedly patriotic service. Integrated Publishing ( was founded under the unfortunate fact that although members of our Armed Services have access to military educational information; they do not have 'user friendly' access.

Editors proudly share letters of gratitude from those developing well known "Battle Bots." Others offer gratitude for aid with military career advancement, and various technical project accomplishments. All thanks as a result of the accurate and detailed information available on their user friendly website. Integrated Publishing founder and President Richard Osborne declares, "It's no secret the military is riddled with inefficiency and systems that are far from user friendly."

Integrated Publishing,, has been cited in publications by Harvard University, and by the United States Coast Guard as an, "excellent source for technical information on the Internet." These comments come as no surprise, considering the vast array of web servers required to contain their massive archives. While visiting their facilities; I was surrounded by servers, computers, cords, and the hypnotic hum of cooling fans. That alone made it easy to realize why they have taken the lead in complete sectors of various industries. Such as, electrical engineering manuals and advanced technical publications. "If it's technical, it's on tpub," says Jason Dixon, Vice President of, and personal friend to the President of Integrated Publishing, Richard Osborne.

Integrated Publishing houses over 2 million pages of public information on various topics. Including but not limited to the following: "Aviation, Computer Training, Construction, Diving, Engineering, Journalism, Medical Training, Meteorology, and even Nuclear Fundamentals." Best of all, it's all free! Fresh material is uploaded daily, including select government military training publications which outside of military databases are found nowhere besides Integrated Publishing has become more than just a library. Rather a virtual online nexus of the world's most technically refined information available. There simply is no substitute for technical publications, when remains user-friendly without sacrificing their intellectual esteem. For more information visit

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