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Page Title: Climatological References
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There are many References which can be used in climatological work, so many in fact that they would be too numerous to list here. They are tabularized in the following publica-tions:

l Climatic Publications Prepared for Com-mander, Naval Oceanography Command, prepared by NAVOCEANCOMDET, Asheville, and updated annually. This document lists all climatic publications prepared for the Navy and gives ordering information.

l Guide to Standard Weather Summaries (NAVAIR 50-1C-534) contains an index of all the standard machine-tabulated summaries available through NAVOCEANCOMDET, Asheville. In addition, many Navy climatic References are listed in the to prepare climatological briefings and packets:

l U.S. Navy Marine Climatic Atlas of the World, (NAVAIR 50-1C-528 through 533, 550, 554, and 565). These publications contain climatic data for all the principal ocean areas of the world. They have both land and ocean sections. The surface section contains data presented by graphs, tables, and isopleths on such elements as surface winds, visibility, precipitation, storm tracks, etc. The oceanographic section includes charts of tide data, currents, and ice.

. U.S. Navy Hindcast Spectral Ocean Wave Model Atlases, Data is based on numerically derived historical data in the form of wind and wave climatology. These publications are designed to provide a more accurate representation of overall ocean wave climatic data for some applications. They are designed to supplement but not supersede the con-ventional Marine climatic atlases.

Local Area Forecasterís Handbooks

The Local Area Forecasterís Handbooks, as required by NAVOCEANCOM Instruction 3140.2( ), contain valuable information on local and area weather as follows: A description of the local topography and terrain, general synoptic characteristics of weather occurrences in the local area, mean storm tracks for your region, a limited amount of climatological data, and local forecasting rules or techniques. A handbook can serve as a composite summary of expected weather events and the effects of certain parameters on local weather.

Naval Intelligence Survey (NIS) Publications

The Naval Intelligence Survey (NIS) pub-lications have been discontinued, and distribu-tion is limited. However, when available, these classified publications are a valuable source of information about general climatic influences and topographic/oceanic effects on regions from which unclassified data may no longer be available.

Miscellaneous Publications

The following publications contain generally the same type of climatological information or specific data. They have proven to be extremely useful.

1. Climatic Summaries for Major Seventh Fleet Ports and Waters, N A V A IR 50-1C-62.

2. Climatic Summaries of Indian Ocean Ports and Waters, NAVAIR 50-1C-63.

3. A Climatic Resume of the Mediterranean Sea, NAVAIR 50-1C-64.

4. Upper Wind Statistics of the Northern Hemisphere, volumes 1, 2, and 3, NAV-AIR 50-1C-535.

5. Marine Climatic Guide to Tropical Storms at Sea, NAVAIR 50-1C-61.

6. Sea Ice Climatic Atlases, volume 1, Antarc-tic, NAVAIR 50-1C-540. volume 2, Arctic East, NAVAIR 50-1C-541. volume 3, Arctic West, NAVAIR 50-1C-542.


Naval Oceanography Command Facility, Bay St. Louis manages the climatology program for Commander, Naval Oceanography Command. NAVOCEANCOMDET Asheville acts as liaison with the National Climatic Data Center to pro-cess requests for climatic data from operational users.

Requests for climatic support should be made to the Oceanography Facility or Center in your chain of command. Requests that cannot be fulfilled are forwarded to:

Officer in Charge
Naval Oceanography Command Detachment
Federal Building
Asheville, NC 28801-2696

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