Quantcast Introduction to Programming

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Chapter 1 Intro. to programming

Tools of flowcharting
Constructing a flowchart
Program coding
Instruction Set
Coding a program
Programming Documentation
Chapter 1 Questions
Chapter 1 Answers

Chapter 2 Intro to Basic

The BASIC Character Set
Predefine Functions
Assigning Statement Numbers
Correcting Mistakes
Remark statement
Chapter 2 Questions
Chapter 2 answers

Chapter 3 Solving simple problems with basic

The function of the print statement
Using a comma
LET Statement
Arithmetic Expressions
Parentheses Rule
Numeric-variable Name
Chapter 3 Questions
Chapter 3 Answers

Chapter 4 More on solving problems with basic

RESTORE Statement
Control Statements
IF-THEN Statement (Conditional)
Flowchart procedures
ON-GOTO Statement (Conditional)
Sample Problem Using Control Statements
Chapter 4 Questions
Chapter 4 Answers

Chapter 5 Writing more effective and efficient programs

FOR-TO Statement
Nested Loops
Working with arrays
Sample Problem Using Nested Loops and a Matrix
Using predefined functions
Constructing and using subroutines
Chapter 5 Questions
Chapter 5 Answers

Chapter 6 Formatting printed output

Print using statement
Chapter 6 Questions
Chapter 6 Answers

Chapter 7 Storing and retrieving programs and data

Storing and retrieving data
Data save statements
Chapter 7 Questions
Chapter 7 Answers


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