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14139 Mathematics, Basic Math and Algebra

Provides a review of basic arithmetic and elementary algebra; includes fractions, decimals, percentages, exponents, radicals, logarithms; exercises in factoring polynomials, linear equations, ratio, proportion, variation, complex numbers and quadratic equations; presents brief introduction to plane figures, geometric construction, and trigonometry.

14142 Mathematics, Introduction to Statistics, Number Systems and Boolean Algebra

Contains information on the following subjects: elements of digital computer mathematics--sequence and series, induction and the binomial theorem, statistics, number systems, sets and subsets, Boolean algebra, matrices, and determinants.

14141 Mathematics, Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Probability

Contains information on the following subjects: straight lines, conic sections, tangents, normals, slopes; introduction to differential and integral calculus; combinations and permutations; and introduction to probability. This course is general in nature and is not directed toward any specific specialty.

14140 Mathematics, Trigonometry

Contains information on the following subjects: definitions, notations, and computations with logarithms; trigonometric ratios, analysis, applications, and aids to computations; trigonometric identities; and vectors and forces. This course is general in nature and is not directed toward any one specific specialty.

14252 Time Conversion

Assists enlisted and officer personnel of the United States Navy and Naval Reserve in acquiring the knowledge requisite to the computation of time. It uses two-dimensional charts and expanded narratives to explain both the global division and designation, and the processes and mathematical formulas used in the conversion of time.

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