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For customer service issues please contact sales@tpub.com.  So we can provide you with immediate attention.

Returns or Exchanges

For information about our return and exchange policies, click here. Return and exchange procedures begin in customer service.

Order Tracking

To avoid high shipping charges all products are shipped by the US Postal Service.  If you would like a tracking number on your order please contact us at sales@tpub.com so we can adjust pricing for this request.

Billing and Credit Card Charge Issues

If you have a credit card or billing issue, contact sales@tpub.com and we will be able to help you resolve your problem.

Security Questions

With all the constant updating for server security we've decided to leave all our credit card security with CCNOW.com.  They specialize in online secure credit card transactions and could also help you with your needs.

Sales Questions

Questions concerning sales should be directed to sales@tpub.com

Our Policies, Terms and Conditions

View our policies, terms and conditions and other legal information on our customer service page.

Wholesale Questions

Interested in purchase lots of products? Contact our sales department at sales@tpub.com.

Questions About or Problems With Our Web Site

If you are having problems with the website or have suggestions for future additions to the website we would love to hear from you. Contact us at webmaster@tpub.com.

Other Questions and Suggestions

If your question or issue is not handled above, then it is best to send a note to service@tpub.com.

If you have thoughts about our company, have suggestions or want someone from the corporate offices to respond to you, contact us by email or by writing at the following:

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26838 I-45 North, PMB 102
Spring, TX 77386
Email: service@tpub.com


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