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14316 Captivity: The Extreme Circumstance
14057_ppr Damage Controlman

This course consists of 13 chapters that cover the Damage Controlman rating; damage control organization, communication, and information; ship compartmentation and watertight integrity; fire-fighting fundamentals; portable fire-fighting and dewatering equipment; fire-fighting systems; fire-fighting tactics; battle damage repair; chemical and biological warfare defense; radiological effects; radiological defense and recovery; ship stability and buoyancy; and shipboard damage control training.

10572 Damage Controlman 3 & 2
80572 Damage Controlman 3 & 2
14110 Gunner's Mate 1 & C
14109 Gunner's Mate 3 & 2
14137 Master-at-Arms

Provides coverage in the following areas: rules and regulations; military law; search and seizure; military law of evidence; courts-martial; nonjudicial punishment; controlled substances; small arms; crowd control; physical security; military working dogs; patrol; customs; shipboard duties; investigations; forensics; evidence custody; and administration. The Master-at-Arms TRAMAN is a four-paygrade manual.

14308 Operations Specialist, Volume 1

The text for this course consists of the unclassified material (updated as necessary) contained in Operations Specialist 2 (NAVEDTRA 10106) and Operations Specialist 3 (NAVEDTRA 10105). Operations Specialist, Volume 2 (when published) will consist of the classified material (updated as necessary) currently contained in NAVEDTRA 10106 and NAVEDTRA 10105. When Operations Specialist, Volume 2 is published, NAVEDTRA 10106 and NAVEDTRA 10105 will be deleted from the system.

14234 Seabee Combat Handbook, Volume 1

Provides the basic information and techniques involved in defensive combat. It includes organization of the Seabees and the laws of war; special clothing and equipment; service rifle and pistol marksmanship; combat maneuvers, formations, patrols, and ambush; land navigation; evasion, survival, and escape; individual protective measures; entanglements; CBR defense; first aid and field sanitation; organic communications equipment; hand grenades, landmines and booby traps; and organic support weapons.

14235 Seabee Combat Handbook, Volume 2

Consists of chapters on Organization and Operation of the Combat Operations Center, Organization and Operation of the Company Command Post, Setup and Control of Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC), Planning and Development of Defense Tactics, Counter Ambush Techniques, CBR Decontamination.

12435 Torpedoman's Mate Second Class
82435 Torpedoman's Mate Second Class
14152 Mineman, Volume 1

Gives an introduction to mine warfare and describes mine warfare-related programs, and operations and readiness. Note: This is NOT a new or revised course. NAVEDTRA Course Number changed ONLY to facilitate central enrollment.

14153 Mineman, Volume 2 (MN 1 & C)

Covers administrative functions and supply procedures as they relate to the Mine Force.

14154 Mineman, Volume 2 (MN 3 & 2)

Covers administrative functions and supply procedures as they relate to the Mine Force.

14155 Mineman, Volume 3 (MN 1 & C)

Provides the supervisor with information regarding the mine maintenance system and its reporting requirements. Provides information on the proper handling of mines and explosive materials with regard to quantity-distance requirements.

14156 Mineman, Volume 3 (MN 3 & 2)

Provides the basic overview of the mine maintenance system and the reporting requirements associated with mines. Identifies the causes of corrosion and the common types of materials and equipment used to prevent and protect mines against corrosion. Provides information on the handling and storage of mines and explosives, with the use of various types of handling gear.

14158 Mineman, Volume 5 (MN 3 & 2)

Provides a basic overview of exercise and training mines, including actuation, laying, handling, shop, hunting, and mechanical sweep mines.

14160 Mineman, Volume 7

Covers MCM deck operations including magazine and fire suppression systems, small arms, pyrotechnics, seamanship, and methods of minesweeping

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