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3418 Ablative Pyrolysis of Macroparticles of Biomass

3398 Acid Recovery of Polyamine

3423 An Outdoor Test Facility for the Large-Scale Production of Microalgae

3408 Beta-Glucosidase Crosslinking for Stability and Enzyme Recycle

3450 Biofuels: Project Summaries Fiscal Year 1992

3458 Biomass for Energy and Industry

3456 Characterization of Recombinant E. coli ATCC 11303 (pLOI 297) in the Conversion of Cellulose and Xylose to Ethanol

3407 Denaturation Behavior of Fungal and Thermostable-Bacterial Beta-Glucosidases

3406 Digestion of Pretreated Aspen Substrates: Hydrolysis Rates and Adsorptive Loss of Cellulase Enzymes

3393 Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of High Solids Wood Slurries in a Two-Stage Continuous Flow Process

3400 Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Biomass

3401 Effect of Non-Uniform Temperature Distribution on Acid Hydrolysis of Aspen Hemicellulose

3402 Effect of Thermo-Chemical Pretreatment on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Substrates I

3411 Enzyme Production on Cellulose/Xylose Mixture

3417 Enzymology Research

3397 Ethanol from Cellulosic Residues and Crops

3460 Ethers Project Plan

3395 Experimental Studies of the Progressing Batch Reactor

3394 Fermentability Tests of Sugars Produced in the Solar Energy Research Institute's Plug-Flow Reactor

3416 Fusarium Strain Development and Selection for Enhancement of Ethanol Production

3405 Integrated Process for Production of Ethanol

3420 Lifetime Testing of Catalysts for Conditioning the Products of a Biomass Gasifier

3419 "Mild, Chemical Conversion of Cellulose to Hexene and Other Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels and Additives"

3404 Modeling of Brettanomyces clausenii Growth on Mixtures of Glucose and Cellobiose

3451 Modeling of Kinetics and Continuous Reaction for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Biomass (Draft)

3459 Municipal Solid Waste Evaluation: A Geographic Information System Mini-Study

3412 Optimization of Cellulase Productivity from Acidothermus Cellulolyticus

3415 Overproduction of Xylose Isomerase and Control of XY1A Copy Number in Large-Scale Fermentations of Escherichia coli

3392 Overview of Acid Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosics to Liquid Fuels

3399 Overview of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Research

3396 Packed Bed Hydrodynamics of an Acid Hydrolysis Percolation Reactor

3457 Short-Rotation Forestry as an Alternative Land Use in Hawaii

3414 Simultaneous Fermentation and Isomerization of Xylose to Ethanol

3403 Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Cellulose and Wheat Straw to Ethanol: Evaluation of Thermotolerant Yeast and Beta-Glucosidase Supplementation

3422 Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Lignocellulose: Process Evaluation

3409 Synthesis of an Affinity Gel for Purification of Beta-Glucosidases

3449 Technical and Economic Feasibility of Enzyme Hydrolysis for Ethanol Production from Wood. Final Report

3410 Thermostable Cellulase Enzymes from Acidothermus cellulolyticus: Studies with Growth Media Activities

3413 Xylose Fermentation Analysis


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