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A1. To provide the technician with a means to trace the wires when troubleshooting and repairing electrical and electronic systems.
A2. In the technical manual for the equipment.
A3. Individual cable in a specific circuit.
A4. Wire segment letter.
A5. The conductor connections both "to" and "from."
A6. To prevent electrical shock to the operator in case there is an electrical short to the frame of the appliance or tool.
A7. A pictorial diagram.
A8. An isometric diagram.
A9. Block or single-line diagram.
A10. A schematic diagram.
A11. Between point (3) and the gas gauge tank unit ground.
A12. Only the brake lights.
A13. Wiring diagram.
A14. To find the test points.
A15. Terminal diagram.
A16. Adequate ventilation.
A17. Approved meters or other indicating devices.
A18. By use of a cleaning cloth.

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