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A1. Data used by digital computers.
Pulsed squarewave signals.
Digitized analog waveforms.
A2. (1) Serial, (2) parallel, and (3) serial-parallel.
A3. Parallel digital magnetic tape recording.
A4. Serial-parallel digital magnetic tape recording.
A5. Serial digital magnetic tape recording.
A6. Non-return-to-zero (NRZ) encoding.
A7. Return-to-bias (RB) encoding.
A8. Return-to-zero (RZ) encoding.
A9. Non-return-to-zero (NRZ) encoding.
A10. Non-return-to-zero level (NRZ-L).
Enhanced non-return-to-zero level (E-NRZ-L).
Non-return-to-zero mark (NRZ-M).
Non-return-to-zero space (NRZ-S).
A11. Bi-phase level encoding.
A12. Computer-compatible digital tape recorders.
Telemetry digital tape recorders.
Instrumentation digital tape recorders.
A13. Telemetry digital tape recorders.
A14. Instrumentation digital tape recorders.

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