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The following are brief summaries of the IC SYNCHROS, STEP-TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS, and RESOLVERS we covered in this chapter.

IC SYNCHROS, sometimes referred to as reversed synchros, are used in systems where transfer of information is desired. They operate on the same principles as synchros but differ in the direction of shaft rotation and amount of torque obtained.

A STEP-TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM) is similar to a synchro system, except that it is energized by direct current. This system uses a rotary switch to transfer angular data (information) between remote locations. The system is cheap, rugged, relatively powerful, but is not used where small changes in data are required.

RESOLVERS are physically similar to synchros and are used to perform mathematical computations. They are used extensively in analog computers, radar sets, direction and target designation equipment.

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