Quantcast Answers - Page 63h

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A1. Yes.
A2. X-axis.
A3. Rigidity.
A4. Any force that attempts to tilt the spin axis.
A5. Perpendicular (90) to the force.
A6. Two.
A7. Rotor speed, weight, shape.
A8. C.
A9. Force of translation.
A10. Rigidity.
A11. Direction of spin.
A12. Middle finger.
A13. Two.
A14. Horizontal.
A15. Unbalanced gyro, inertia of gimbals, bearing friction.
A16. To achieve and maintain the proper operating position for the gyro (usually vertical or horizontal).
A17. Applies torque at the proper point for correct precession.
A18. Measuring angular rates.
A19. One.
A20. Precession.
A21. Inertia.
A22. Navigation systems.
A23. When digital data is required from an accelerometer.

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